Aluminium Extruded Profiles

From the Constellium plants of Sierre (Switzerland) and Singen (Germany), where some of the largest European presses are located (power of up to 100 MegaNewton), we can offer a wide range of alloys extruded into complex shapes

From the Constellium plant of Decin (Czech Republic), we can supply a wide range a standard or customized bars and tubes in hard and soft alloys


From the Constellium plants of St Florentin, Nuits-St George (France), and Levice (Slovakia) we offer customized and standard profiles in soft alloys with state of the art anodizing capabilities.

In combination with our transformation capabilities in Sweden, we can deliver a finished or semi-finished part to our customers within the building, automotive, furniture and heavy machinery and mining sectors
. Our expertise will help you in your choice of alloy, shape and machining solution

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